Three Problems Every Insurance Agent Has With Insurance LeadsÖ.


And How Stellar Prospects Solves Them All With Aged Leads

Regardless if you buy aged life insurance leads, aged health insurance leads, aged auto insurance leads or aged Medicare leads 

Three Problems With Real Time Insurance Leads 


  1. Too Expensive: Why pay $7.00 to $10.00 for a shared internet insurance lead that is being sold to multiple agents when 75% of the sales come from calling on a prospect over several weeks after their initial inquiry?  Even when an agent buys an exclusive internet insurance lead at $15 to $25 a lead, there is no guarantee that the prospect did not go to another lead vendorís site for quotes who sold the lead as a shared internet insurance lead.   And on top of that thereís nothing more aggravating than paying that much money for an exclusive lead and still reaching a large number of answering machines and voice mails with no return call from the prospect. 
  2. No Real Interest In Your Product: If you are paying that kind of money for internet insurance leads the last thing you want to find out from the prospects you talk to is that they did not really have an interest in your product because either they were incentivized to fill out an online form or a telemarketer mislead them when they called.
  3. Too Much Competition From Other Agents: Also when you are paying that kind of money for internet insurance leads no agent wants to hear that they were the 15th agent to call the prospect that day or week.  Plus you typically canít reach 75% of them that first day or week because multiple agents swamped the prospect with calls the first week. 


So What Is The Solution?


1. Having leads that have a high return on investment and a low client acquisition cost which is outlined in detail below.
2. Having a proven system to plug into.  To learn how one insurance agent is able to do over $60,000 AV per week working aged insurance leads with an automated system fill out the aged insurance leads info request form to get his recorded webinar and blog where he shares details of how he does this. 
                                           You May Be Shocked To Know

Over 95% of the agents who buy real time internet leads donít bother to call on a prospect after the first week so your competition literally disappears after the first week.  If you are getting our low cost aged insurance leads you are most likely the only agent contacting them in the weeks after their initial inquiry and this is where 75% of the sales are generated from with these types of leads.  

Client acquisition cost is something many agents donít take into account.  So letís look at the numbers that lead vendors typically tout.  With a shared real time internet insurance lead, the number you hear from many of them is that an agent will sell 1 out of 20 so at a cost of $7/lead times 20 leads equates to a client acquisition cost of $140, if you are doing those numbers.  For agents who are not closing 1 out of 20 their cost is even higher.


For an exclusive real time internet insurance lead they say an agent should be closing at least 1 out 7 leads (keeping in mind you donít reach everyone even with exclusive leads), so with a lead cost of $20/lead, the client acquisition cost would also be $140 as well if you are doing those numbers. 


An agent is able to get a much better client acquisition cost with aged insurance leads.  Agents say that they typically sell 1 out of 60 with aged insurance leads so the client acquisition cost would only be $45 per client for example if you were getting aged leads at 75 cents each and you were doing those numbers. 


If you upload these aged insurance leads into the predictive dialer that we recommend that is available for a low monthly cost with no set up fees and no contract, you could use this auto dialer to call up to three leads at a time for you that will stop dialing when the phone is answered.  By using a predictive dialer you can breeze through large quantities of phone numbers with these aged insurance leads making efficient use of you time.  You would be able to reach 3 times as many people this way than you would be able to manually dialing.  The more prospects you speak to the more sales youíll make.  You could triple your sales by using an auto dialer.

You could upload into the predictive dialer our aged insurance leads which includes aged health insurance leads, aged life insurance leads, aged auto insurance leads, aged home owners insurance leads and aged Medicare supplement leads.  You can also use the auto dialer to call our state business lists to generate your own telemarketed leads also known as auto dialer leads or predictive dialer leads. 

To view prices on all aged leads please visit our aged leads prices page.

At Stellar Prospects our specialty is aged leads specifically aged insurance leads which includes aged health insurance leads, aged life insurance leads, aged auto insurance leads, aged homeowners insurance leads, aged Medicare supplement leads, senior insurance leads, aged final expense insurance leads, aged uninsurable insurance leads and aged Spanish insurance leads.

You can also request Free Insurance Leads by clicking Free Insurance Leads.

When it comes to insurance lead companies Stellar Prospects refuses to be undersold.  If you find a price lower anywhere else for insurance agent leads, we will beat it.  

When you buy insurance leads from us you are buying the best insurance leads when you buy our internet insurance leads also known as online insurance leads.  Many agents prefer insurance sales leads like the aged leads we sell because of the great return on investment they get.  With our cheap insurance leads you'll find that we have some of the best insurance leads for agents at the lowest prices.

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